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Korean fashion wig hairstyle recommend

Korean fashion wig hairstyle recommend

A very special pear head wig, from ear to tail all the fluffy hot air full sense of Qi Liu Heikka ,, model will clean up the exposed forehead, extraordinarily elegant atmosphere.


Pear head wig is still a long length, the characteristic is fluffy started earlier, and the tail of the volume of added natural small volume elements, the design is very sweet Qi Liu.

And the preceding paragraph pear head wig with a different color wig, change from dark brown to light brown, is not it seem a bit more youthful and playful?

The long section pear head wig no choice in general, long length, oblique bangs design, the tail is a buckle in a classic pear plus mild valgus small volume. It is also a remarkable temperament wild wig.

You are not already arranged a dinner date it? Festival came, the hair also becomes something new just for the occasion, today small as we carefully selected several for holiday romance wig hairstyle, Check it out!

Korean full range of children a long fashion wigs, air-type thin bangs, Qi Liu Xiu Yan, the tail Large natural generosity, girl students are commuters to try Oh! Brazilian virgin hair is the best wigs.


2 years ago

Recommended fresh wild wig makes you beautiful

Recommended fresh wild wig makes you beautiful

Air-type thin bangs, fluffy big wave, reddish hair color, this very Korean fashion wigs, in the cold winter to wear a wool cap, both warm and stylish. I love Front lace wigs .

Afro wig is still a natural system of natural messy with, with relative professional clothes, workplace Beauty image immediately came out.

Suitable for students of a fashion girl wig, thin Liu Qi, the tail is a classic natural pear hot.

It's a very cute by age fashion wigs, neat bangs regulation, rule the waves, immediately turned Meng sister.

Pear head hair trend in recent years has been the most persistent fever, in hair industry is absolutely certain status. Generally, Pear head perm since only the tail and bangs and it is very natural wild, so much everyone's favorite.

One of the most basic models pear head wig, natural hair color plus thick Qi Liu design, the tail slightly within the hot pear buckle, very naturally pure, suitable for students sister, oh.

Within this pear head wig hair tail buckle curl greater abundance Large very modified face.


The wig pear head on a little bit special, the tail curl somewhat similar to the traditional large volume, right and left sides a Large, very easy to manage, but also increases the bulkiness.